Vintage Greeting Cards: Birthday

My mom had a box of greeting cards that, as a child, I loved looking at. Some were funny; some were saccharin sweet. Looking at them now, some are insensitive.

Today I’m going to upload the birthday cards.

A Birthday Greeting For Our Mother (American Greetings)

This is a saccharin sweet one. Reading it hurts my teeth a little. I really like the illustration though.

Birthday Greetings (card company not specified)

This one is not as pretty as the one above, but also not as sugary.

On Your Day, Mom (American Greetings)

This one is insensitive, I think. It’s obviously about someone from a rural area, possibly in the hills and/or South. Using the word “ain’t” and misspelling poem and sure continue the myth that those people are not smart.

On Your Birthday A Cup of Friendship (card company not specified)

This is sweet — not too sweet. I might actually use it someday.

Greetings on Your Birthday (card company not specified)

I like this one okay too. I will probably use it too.

From Both of Us, Mother, on Your Birthday (American Greetings)

This one is okay. I don’t like the illustration though.

Happy Birthday, Niece (American Greetings)

This one’s a hoot. I might send it to one of Dean’s nieces. I’m not sure my only actual niece would get the humor.

Wishing You Lots of Birthday Fun (card company not specified)

For Your Birthday (card company not specified)

This one is pretty and I will probably use it.

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