The Mixing Bowl: A recipe booklet from the White Shrine of Jerusalem

Another found object from my childhood home, this recipe booklet is interesting mostly because of the advertisements of long-gone businesses in my hometown. I was concerned about the word white in the name of the organization who published the book, but their website specifically points out that it represents the purity of Jesus’ life, not race. It seems to be a women’s organization adjacent to the Masons (you must be somehow related to a Master Mason to join).

I don’t know where this booklet came from, but I think my maternal Grandfather was a Mason. Maybe he brought this home. Maybe it belonged to his mother.

I really like the illustration of two pixies stirring something in a bowl. Kind of unexpected for an organization centered on the belief in “Jesus Christ as the Saviour and Redeemer of the World”.

I don’t know that I am going to use any of the recipes or suggestions in this booklet, but it was fun to look through. I am not sure when it was published. Dean thinks in the 1930s.

I think the page with diet menus is interesting. The daily menus include more food than I eat in a day. And it does not give portion sizes. Here’s Monday:

Breakfast: — Bran flakes, one soft boiled egg, one piece of fruit, coffee
Lunch:– Cold chicken or small piece of roast veal, spinach or tomatoes, iced tea
Dinner:– Veal cutlet, lettuce or celery, one-half cantaloupe or small helping of fruit, tea or coffee

Here’s the booklet if you want to take a look: The Mixing Bowl

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