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Letter in Grandpa Green’s handwriting

This would normally go on another blog — one dedicated to letters to Mom, but because it is in Grandpa’s handwriting (the first page at least), I’m putting it here. Also I dreamt about him a few nights ago.

I think it was written the first year they lived in Chetek, Wisconsin, leaving Illinois and all their children. Grandpa retired from the Post Office — hence his knowledge of letters going astray. I don’t know what he means about “work” in the third paragraph. I don’t remember giving Grandma a pin — I would have been 13.

Dec 17, 1969

Dear Kids:

Please let us know when you receive the enclosed checks so we don’t keep wondering whether or not it went astray during this heavy mailing period.

It sure is beautiful outside. The ground is covered with snow, and all the pine boughs are hanging heavy with it. We are having no difficulty getting in and out. The county plow has been down and our snow blower works good. It has snowed some each day, except one, since the 6th.

We cut a Christmas tree and we were going to put it up and trim it yesterday. Instead, we went into town and got home early, ready for bed. Sooo, tree is still in the garage in it’s natural state. Maybe if we get it set up today, Mother can trim it tonight while I work.

Guess I better go into the post office and get the mail. A merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to you all.

(the rest is in Grandma’s handwriting)

There is a lot of things I could say, like missing Christmas with you kids, meaning our family. I’ll write a long letter soon. Thanks for that money. I found it when I picked up the box, to put the pin on, that one which Dona gave me.

Much Love to all,
Mom & Dad

Letter to parents from Pittsburgh: October 1981

This letter was written two months after moving to Pittsburgh.

October 13, 1981


Got my Pennsylvania [teaching] certification today. I still have to take a class for my special ed certification though, but I can still sub which I should be doing next week.

Not much has happened otherwise, since I last spoke with you. We got a battery at Sears for the Hornet. Luckily it was on sale.

I got a strange phone call the other night. It was from a friend from the Manor — he used to give me rides home when I worked late. We had everyone convinced he was my older brother. The strange thing was that I haven’t seen him since before I went to England. I was really surprised. He said that he got my phone number from you…?

Dean and I went to a zoo last Sunday. It was ok, but I don’t really like zoos. After the zoo Dean drove the wrong way home and stopped at a park. He had a picnic all planned in the trunk. It was wonderful! A great surprise. ☺️ We ate on an outcrop of stone that formed a large area. Similar to things at Wisconsin Dells.

We picked up some acorns for our friendly squirrel. I put them on the windowsill inside the bedroom. This morning I heard a noise and saw the squirrel scratching at the window, trying to get the nuts. I put some outside but he hasn’t taken them yet. Cinder is keeping watch though.

The people downstairs have a huge Siamese cat who climbs the fire escape and stars in our kitchen window. This upsets Cinder as you can imagine!

My fingers haven’t turned blue or felt numb since I’ve been on the new medication.


Dean is studying in the other room. Every so often I hear a string of cuss words come from that direction. I guess he’s having a hard time with a problem

We bought a roasting chicken last time we went to the store. We decided to have it today. I’ve no idea how to roast it, but I’m sure we’ll manage. I’ve discovered that cookbooks are actually helpful.

The squirrel I mentioned earlier has really gotten bold. Today when He saw me open up the window he came right up to me. I got scared and dropped the acorn, though. But I think he’d take it from me.

Dean thinks he may not go to his Wednesday classes the day before Thanksgiving and therefore be free on Monday evening. We are driving the Chevelle home and leaving it at Dean’s folks’. We will then take a train back here, or a bus.

We saw Private Benjamin last night. It was pretty silly. Her wedding dress at the end was pretty though.

Is Grandma still there? Hi, if she is.

Well — keep well,


P.S. City life is great! Three weeks ago there was a murder a mile or so from here and last week a man held up an electric store two blocks away — two doors down from where we do laundry! One man got shot there! 😲