Random sleep deprived thoughts

So last night, when I couldn’t sleep (son sick — you don’t want to know the details) I made a long list in my head of things about which I wanted to blog but by the time I awoke I only remembered that I wanted to talk about the cats and their alpha – beta-ness. Also I wanted to talk about community. I also started pulling a Weird Al and began a parody of a song which involved cats, houses and blogs.

Who knows when or if these posts will come to light — but stay tuned.

Ohhhh! Snow!

6 thoughts on “Random sleep deprived thoughts

  1. Thanks Storyteller — Andrew is fine today which is good because tomorrow starts the regional tournament which can ultimately lead to states. Fingers crossed he does well.

    I’ve not tried to write down my thoughts during the night — perhaps I should.

    Glad you were able to comment — I heard that there were some problems with posting comments since I changed templates.


  2. I’m back and trying again. All I tried to say yesterday is that when I was a kid, I had a cat named Beta! Now, I’m going to hit submit….


  3. I know that feeling – I have brilliant ideas for blog topics but promptly forget them, or scribble things down when they come to mind when I’m supposed to be working on something else … then can’t remember where I was intending going with a particular topic. Sigh. The x365 was so simple in retrospect.


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