Daily Archives: February 19, 2009

The Dog in the Manger

I never really liked Aesop. His fables left me feeling guilty. But I read them anyway and noted the morals at the end of each tale.

So, I’ve been sitting on a book that I knew, deep down, I was not going to read in time for book group. I bought it for myself before Christmas and Dean gave me a copy for Christmas. I sold a copy to the woman who is hosting the book group. I was going to return it anyway. Who needs two copies of the same book?

Then I found out that Catherine was 157 on the waiting list at the library. 157? This must be a good book. I’m on page twenty-something. I’ve brought it to wrestling matches and it remained unread in my bag. I’ve picked it up at night and it lost to whatever was on TV.

So I called Catherine tonight and offered it to her. She stopped by and now I have none.

Kind of funny — I had two copies — suggested we read it for book group and now don’t have a copy and am not going to have read it.

In a way I am upset and wonder if I’ll run out and buy it tomorrow. In another way, I’m relieved. Just another thing I don’t have to do.