The Dog in the Manger

I never really liked Aesop. His fables left me feeling guilty. But I read them anyway and noted the morals at the end of each tale.

So, I’ve been sitting on a book that I knew, deep down, I was not going to read in time for book group. I bought it for myself before Christmas and Dean gave me a copy for Christmas. I sold a copy to the woman who is hosting the book group. I was going to return it anyway. Who needs two copies of the same book?

Then I found out that Catherine was 157 on the waiting list at the library. 157? This must be a good book. I’m on page twenty-something. I’ve brought it to wrestling matches and it remained unread in my bag. I’ve picked it up at night and it lost to whatever was on TV.

So I called Catherine tonight and offered it to her. She stopped by and now I have none.

Kind of funny — I had two copies — suggested we read it for book group and now don’t have a copy and am not going to have read it.

In a way I am upset and wonder if I’ll run out and buy it tomorrow. In another way, I’m relieved. Just another thing I don’t have to do.

3 thoughts on “The Dog in the Manger

  1. I’ve never read it, but recommend going back to it sometime. I resisted reading what is now one of my favourite books for a long time, and I am glad I got to it finally.


  2. Clutch:

    I finally figured out the book you didn’t read is The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Guess I’m not too snappy this morning. I actually sat down to write a post on my own blog, and thought “I haven’t checked in on my friends’ blogs lately” and decided I better look at a few.

    I’m noticing lots of guilt here — guilt for not writing blog posts, reading books, etc. I experience pretty much the same thing, though I’m fighting it. We’re doing this for fun, right??

    I would have hung on to a copy of the book if it were me. (Not meaning to twist the knife in the wound or anything.) I mean, you must have been interested in the book to begin with, right? More over, and I know marriages are complicated and unique, so I don’t mean to over generalize here, but if I actually SOLD a present Elly had given me, the authorities would probably never find my body…

    I do have multiple copies of a few books, BTW, most notably Stephen Hawkings A Brief History of Time. My Mom and I gave the book to each other for Christmas one year, and when she passed away, her copy came to me and sits next to mine on the bookcase.

    Enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work.


    Fiske’s last blog post..Basie’s First Week at Home


    1. Hi Fiske — I didn’t read The Elegance of the Hedgehog — that’s right, and I gave it to a friend, but will get it back. And yes, I did sell the second copy to another friend, but it is all good. I knew that I was not going to read it in time for bookgroup, so why sit on it when another member, who has less disposable income, had none? I’ll read it eventually.

      Yes — I’m consumed with guilt. And I’m neither Catholic nor Jewish. Wonder what causes it!

      I told my husband I wanted the book shortly before buying it for myself. I was surprised he remembered. A curse on all Blackberries.

      Thanks for reading. It’s nice to get different perspectives.

      I’m loving your posts about your new puppy. In another life I’ll have a dog.


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