Daily Archives: February 15, 2009

Soon, I promise…

In the not too distant past if I didn’t get a chance to write I’d be nearly frantic. I’d write in my blog even if I had work to do and not feel guilty that I spent time writing instead of making money, but recently I’ve been given more work and now have things like deadlines and charge quotas to make. I’m also now responsible for training people to do what I taught myself to do. Many of the people I’m training are out of the area so I’m getting used to talking on the phone more (something I generally dread).

And then there’s twitter and Facebook. It’s easier to post a quick sentence or two about your day or moment or an experience than it is to write a blog post about it.

It’s not that I don’t have a bunch of things to write about — and I will write about them soon. Just not today.

I’ve also not kept up with your blogs and I’m sorry about that. I’ve scanned most of them, and will get back to comment soon.

I should be happy about this — I know three people who have lost their jobs since summer and here I am, getting more work than I can handle.

I’m not unhappy. Just uninspired, I suppose.

Until we meet again…