Ireland trip

We’re planning a trip to Ireland this summer. By we I mean ME. I’m responsible for all the details and am also the one my family will blame if the trip sucks. I spent much of yesterday and all of today looking at possible places to stay and places to visit. We’ll be gone just over 2 weeks and want to stay in two locations, central to cool things, but not necessarily in the middle of touristy towns.

I’d like to avoid big cities – although Andrew said he’d like to visit the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Clare is easy – she just wants to go to Ireland. Dean wants a chance to do some water related things and hike.

So far I’ve requested information from two cottages:

Sophie’s Cottage in Northern Ireland near Lough Erne

Bequia Holiday Home in Co. Clare

Unfortunately I’m at a standstill. I look at the map of Ireland and its like I’m at a restaurant  with a huge menu of foods I’ve always wanted to taste, but can only choose a few. Perhaps I need to decided where to go and what to do before I choose where to stay.

Any advice?

2 thoughts on “Ireland trip

  1. Thanks Glen! You were in Ireland when we were in England I think.

    I’ve already switched our plan to start in Cork, go up to Clare and then through the north. I’ve almost settled on a cottage in Clare, too.


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