Daily Archives: November 16, 2007

It’s like manna from Heaven

We have a friend, Glenn, whose mother loved to cook for his friends. That was great for us because we liked to eat, and she was a good cook. However, you couldn’t finish your plate at her house because as soon as it was empty Freida would say, “Oh you’ve finished, here, have some more,” and plop down another helping or two of the main course and/or side dishes. I feel like that now, with volunteer stuff. As soon as I clear my plate of one job, another job shows up. And it is not as if the kids help around the house more – actually they help less than before because of their own schedules. Dean does more, but he’s been travelling a fair bit.

I’m not really complaining – I actually like volunteering. I get more satisfaction out of that than I do with work-for-pay. (so much so I didn’t collect money from folks that said they’d pay me — how do you take money from a friend?)

 I am breathing a little easier now though. I have a high proirity project that I thought was due COB today, but was told Monday was fine. Since I work every weekend anyway, this is no burden whatsoever.

Not that I am finishing my NaNoWriMo project though. I gave that up after the first couple of days. Even getting an email from one of my current favorite authors won’t lure me back to that hell.

Thoughts of Freida’s cooking has made me hungry.