Daily Archives: November 15, 2007

Beyond Tedious

Andrew had his first real wrestling practice in high school today. I think he was shocked at the work he had to do. They ran 3 miles, then did a couple of hours of other exercises. When I got there to pick him up he was just about to “do steps” which, I imagine, was running up and down staircases in the school. It was raining outside, so they had to make do, I suppose.

When we got home I asked him to bring the garbage cans in and he came close to meltdown.

I think I might have the most boring job around, at least lately. I’ve been converting Word files to HTML files and uploading them to forms. Occasionally I get excited about a file I’ve completed, mostly because I used a new style on it, but usually it is beyond tedious.

Today I got 10 files that needed to be done asap. I mistakenly said they could be done in two days. I think they expect them tomorrow COB. I’m not sure that is possible because I have some other things I need to do, but we will see.