new contact lenses

It is a dreary day here in the DC Metro area. I had to drive to Springfield (halfway around the beltway) to go to my optometrist this morning. I always put this off – I mean what normal middle aged woman wouldn’t? Dr Adam is nice enough, but who wants to be told they are getting old and need stronger reading glasses?

Another thing about that place that bothers me. 90% of the women that work there are gorgeous. It is a real blow to one’s self-esteem to pay them a visit. For the most part they are nice enough, but there are a few who are so fakey nice that it makes me want to vomit.

I nearly did today, actually, but not because of a fakey nice person. Dr Adam fitted me with a pair of contact lenses that made me nauseous. One is way weaker than the other and this is supposed to solve the reading and distance issues. Not for me. I couldn’t see up close at all, and far away clear but looking out made me sick to my stomach. My husband has this “mono vision” and loves it. I am sick thinking about it.

Got a nice new pair of glasses though – at least I will in a couple of weeks.

Why do I continue to drive the beltway to go somewhere I feel inferior? Easy – they are on our insurance plan and it is familiar.

Yeah – this is nearly a throw away post, but my husband is taking me out to dinner and I must rush!

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