Todmorden in Bloom

It’s always fun when I see someone from my past doing interesting and exciting things.

During the month of his 50th birthday, an artist friend of mine in Todmorden, Lancashire, England was in the local news. It seems as if his town entered the Britain in Bloom contest and he designed a plaque for the train station where he has a gallery.

Jeremy and I met in 1974 when we participated in a student exchange program. He and several students visited my high school that spring, and I, along with a number of American students, visited his grammar school that summer. My friend Sue and I stayed at Jeremy’s house. We became good friends and visited back and forth for several years. That we’ve managed to keep in contact after all these years is a good thing – although he is better at it than am I. However I keep up with his doings by searching his name every so often, which is how I found out about this.

I wish Todmorden the best of luck. We visited Jeremy and his family in 2002, and got to see Todmorden up close.

Todmorden in Bloom Website.

3 thoughts on “Todmorden in Bloom

  1. Interesting to read your blog regarding our station lion!! I thought you might like to take a look at the Todmorden in Bloom website which includes a page on the station Plaque and some other interesting photographs of Todmorden!


    Todmorden Uk


  2. Thank you Helena – I’ve linked to your website via the phrase “interesting and exciting things”, but have added your link to the bottom of the entry.

    Tell Jeremy and Frances hello from Dona.


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