55. The worst car bombing

Twelve years ago today I entered the staff break room at school to stunned faces and news on the television that a bomb had been set off outside a Federal Building in Oklahoma City. When I saw babies being taken out of the smoking ruins on television, all I could think about was getting home to my children. That day was one of the longest I could remember.

My husband worked in a Federal Building in Bethesda but my children were in a church preschool, not one associated with my husband’s workplace. Nevertheless, I needed to hold them.

After the bombing, Dan Bern wrote the following song.

4 thoughts on “55. The worst car bombing

  1. I first heard about it getting off a Metro (Silver Spring?) and passing some business that had a TV on… horrible.


  2. Lisa – May 16 @ the Birchmere in Alexandria. I’d even buy your ticket.He’s been in your neck of the woods though. Just wait.It was horrible. The worst thing for me was knowing it was a US citizen.


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