52. A High Wind in Bethesda

[Edited March 18, 2021] – Sadly, Mike LeRoy passed away about a year ago, possibly of COVID-19 — the Wikipedia article is unclear. I’m glad I connected with him. I’m sorry the song was never reissued.

It is very windy here in Bethesda today. We’ve lost branches on our trees and shingles from our roof. The wind is blowing into vents on our house, making an eerie sort of music. It’s nearly as bad as when Isabel blew through, but we’ve not [touch wood] lost power.

This wind reminded me of one of my favorite movies as a child, A High Wind in Jamaica. Have you seen it? I saw it several times on television growing up. Then I didn’t see it again until about two years ago. I think I might buy the DVD.

I remember being very moved at the end. And I liked the theme song. I always thought it was Roger Whittaker, but it seems it was a Mike Leroy who sang the lead song which was a ballad kinda song.

I wish I could link to the song. (Hurrah I can now!)

I can see why I thought it was Roger Whittaker. Whittaker sang a song called Last Farewell which was a ballad and involved a ship sailing to England – pretty much what A High Wind in Jamaica is about.


5 thoughts on “52. A High Wind in Bethesda

  1. Hi Gavin,

    Thanks for commenting — I checked out the site. It was fun to hear A High Wind in Jamaica now. I’m also following Mr Leroy on Twitter.


  2. Hello again, mike is trying to get permission to resing and publish the high wind in jamaica theme, and needs comments posted at

    to get support for the idea, and hopefully will show the current copyright holders how much of a good idea it would be to allow mike to resing and release it, so please comment on that site and get your friends to do it too!.

    Lets hope we can get this lovely song on our stereos and ipods!


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