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On the road again


College hunting season has begun. I spent two days plotting our strategy for visiting 8 colleges in 4 days in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New York. Yesterday morning we left Bethesda, drove north, dropped Clare off at Sarah Lawrence (where she gave Andrew a mini tour of the campus), then drove to Rocky Hill, Connecticut where we spent the night in a Hampton Inn. Today we will visit Wesleyan in Middletown and Connecticut College in New London before heading to Massachusetts.

Andrew has been texting friends, many of whom are visiting the same colleges we’re visiting, only in a different order.

It is raining and is supposed to rain harder this afternoon. Not the best way to see colleges, but it is spring, after all.

Rupert has come with us, he’s hoping to visit Rupert, Vermont if we can fit it in and maybe taste some Rupert Rising Bread.

Rupert Bear’s open letter to Google

I’ve been busy trying to learn how to make PDF files accessible, so I’ve recruited a guest blogger today. He’s in a foul mood though… Sorry about that.

He wanted send a message to Google about today’s Google Doodle.

I give you, Rupert the Bear.

Dear Google,

This morning when I logged onto my computer home page I couldn’t help but notice that you are paying homage to Paddington Bear on the anniversary of his 50th year. While I don’t mean to take away from Paddington’s celebrations, I must admit to feeling a little left out. Only three years ago I celebrated my 85th anniversary, and did anyone at Google make me a Google Doodle? Nope. Not even a sketch. I mean, 85 is awfully old for a bear.

You may or may not know, but Paddington and I have a long-time rivalry. Here in the States, where I’m now staying with Dona and her family, no one knows who I am. Everyone thinks I’m Paddington. They don’t even know I was around first!

Dona tried a website about my adventures, but the rhyming scheme just got too much for her.

But I digress.  Google, I’m fully expecting that in the year 2020, on 8 November, you will dedicate a Google Doodle to me for my 100th anniversary. I even made one for you, so you don’t have to do any work. Just put it on your Google calendar. Or send yourself a Gmail.


Rupert Bear
Formally of Nutwood.

PS I’m not that other bear either — the one that cannot spell and who lives in the Hundred Acre Woods.