Rupert Bear’s open letter to Google

I’ve been busy trying to learn how to make PDF files accessible, so I’ve recruited a guest blogger today. He’s in a foul mood though… Sorry about that.

He wanted send a message to Google about today’s Google Doodle.

I give you, Rupert the Bear.

Dear Google,

This morning when I logged onto my computer home page I couldn’t help but notice that you are paying homage to Paddington Bear on the anniversary of his 50th year. While I don’t mean to take away from Paddington’s celebrations, I must admit to feeling a little left out. Only three years ago I celebrated my 85th anniversary, and did anyone at Google make me a Google Doodle? Nope. Not even a sketch. I mean, 85 is awfully old for a bear.

You may or may not know, but Paddington and I have a long-time rivalry. Here in the States, where I’m now staying with Dona and her family, no one knows who I am. Everyone thinks I’m Paddington. They don’t even know I was around first!

Dona tried a website about my adventures, but the rhyming scheme just got too much for her.

But I digress.  Google, I’m fully expecting that in the year 2020, on 8 November, you will dedicate a Google Doodle to me for my 100th anniversary. I even made one for you, so you don’t have to do any work. Just put it on your Google calendar. Or send yourself a Gmail.


Rupert Bear
Formally of Nutwood.

PS I’m not that other bear either — the one that cannot spell and who lives in the Hundred Acre Woods.

5 thoughts on “Rupert Bear’s open letter to Google

  1. Oh, Dona, Rupert is adorable. I’m sorry he’s in such a foul mood, though I certainly understand why. I hope tomorrow is a better day for him.


  2. Tina – Rupert is fine now. He rarely gets grumpy. Thanks for the concern.

    IB: Me too!

    Deloney: Cool — so you knew who Rupert was! He is happy to hear that.


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