Paddington Figurine

I don’t mention the other bears on Clutch Cargo Lips much mostly because Rupert would be a little sad. He’s the least known of the three famous bears, but he was here first. He once wrote a letter to Google suggesting he be honored on his 100th birthday, but Google ignored it.

I’ve been boycotting all things Paddington and Winnie to keep Rupert happy, but I think it’s about time I talk about at least one of them (I did mention Winnie the other day on a different blog). My daughter-in-law tells me I must see the Paddington films. Also, I quite enjoyed the bit on TV with Paddington and Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1979 I did a three-month teaching practice at an elementary school in London. I taught seven-year-olds. One of the students, Julia Meachem, painted a plaster Paddington Bear figurine for me as a goodbye present. That I still have it says something, right?

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