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On the road again


College hunting season has begun. I spent two days plotting our strategy for visiting 8 colleges in 4 days in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New York. Yesterday morning we left Bethesda, drove north, dropped Clare off at Sarah Lawrence (where she gave Andrew a mini tour of the campus), then drove to Rocky Hill, Connecticut where we spent the night in a Hampton Inn. Today we will visit Wesleyan in Middletown and Connecticut College in New London before heading to Massachusetts.

Andrew has been texting friends, many of whom are visiting the same colleges we’re visiting, only in a different order.

It is raining and is supposed to rain harder this afternoon. Not the best way to see colleges, but it is spring, after all.

Rupert has come with us, he’s hoping to visit Rupert, Vermont if we can fit it in and maybe taste some Rupert Rising Bread.

College Correspondence

So you know Clare’s getting ready to go to college — right? I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before.

Well, back in her Sophomore year, when she took the PSAT, she gave the colleges permission to send her emails and snail mail. They took her up on that. She’s basically had to change email addresses because of the huge amount of email she has been getting from the colleges. At first the emails had subjects like: “Clare, we want you!” and “Your efforts have been noticed, Clare!”. This year they’ve gotten more desperate: “Re: Did you get my email?” and “Clare, we haven’t heard from you!” This week they say things like, “Time’s running out!” and “Hurry! Only one more day to apply to X-college”. Today they say, “Your application is overdue, Clare!”

She finished applying to the colleges on her list weeks ago, [actually she only finished part of the process, but knows what colleges she’s applying to], but the constant reminders are worrisome.

But the email is the least of it. Last spring we recycled half a 50 gallon container of college correspondence. On Sunday, in order to fit the Christmas tree in the living room, we did the same. But this time we took pictures…

Road Trip — Day 4 — A LOT of driving

Clare had two schools on her list in Indiana, on the way to Iowa, and we visited both of them today, but didn’t stop. Neither were a school she felt she’d be comfortable it. I guess that’s what this trip is all about — finding places she wants to live for 4 years. If the architecture is not to her liking, then why stop?

It was not really a wasted day — we stopped at Target in Champaign-Urbana and bought some traveling music and purses and a cooler. I guess we needed a rest from visiting colleges — at least Clare got to rest. I had to drive!

We’re in Galesburg, Illinois now. We’ll visit Knox College tomorrow morning, then head to Mount Vernon, Iowa and hopefully get to tour Cornell College. She’s got another school or two in Iowa, so we’ll probably scoot by those and then head to Elgin for a couple of days before heading back home (by way of a few more campuses).

We had a nice dinner of non-road food, recommended to us by a Dean at the college (we bumped into him outside the college when we were looking at it and he told us where the better hotels were as well.

Oh, and here is what we are missing by being away from Bethesda:

Note received via our neighborhood email list:

If you live in the area of [street names] and have found that the whole area reeks recently, here’s the reason: there’s a dead deer in my backyard. I don’t know where the deer came from, how it died, or why it was I was lucky enough to have it die in my backyard. We first smelled the odor on Tuesday, I discovered the deer on Wednesday (it’s in a hidden area in my backyard), and called Montgomery County Animal Control Wednesday afternoon. They say it will take them one to two days from the time of my phone call to remove the animal from my property. I’m happy they agreed to remove it at all, as otherwise I would not have known what to do. …