Letter from Grandma Green: Unknown date (after 1973)

This must have been in a card for dad. It was after 1973 because she was alone.

Dear Al and Family,

What should I write first. I’m relaxed and content. Saw so many of our friends at the Spot ((After retiring to Wisconsin, my grandfather worked at The Spot which was a supper club)) when Dick and I ate there. Marion asked me to call her, I will in a day or two, don’t want to be too forward. What we’ll do I don’t know. There will be drinking involved. She likes her brandy ((so did Grandma Green)).

Millie and I (she came down) ((Grandma didn’t drive so she had to rely on friends to take he places after Grandpa died))  went over to check the Wackers’ ((the Wackers were Elgin friends who had a cottage in Chetek too)) cottage last Wednesday. She asked if I’d like to go to the Legion, said I didn’t bring any money. That’s O.K., you can buy me a drink next time. This I did last Friday when the Wackers came to town. Later we four went to the Legion and had dinner. Very good and reasonable too. Sunday about 10:30 am I started walking to the Wackers, but didn’t get very far, as they were coming down the road. It was Les’ birthday Sunday, I had a card for him and a half a loaf of Russian rye. Bought it Friday evening, at bakery, there so large told Verna I’d give her half. I got in the car and dropped Les off at Brass Rail, then we went to Snug Harbor to see Myrtle. Went back to Brass Rail, place was crowded with old friends. Had two beers, again I left my money at home. They’ll be back in April, so they’ll get paid back.

Sure is good to see the squirrels and birds again ((Grandma loved her birds and squirrels)). Instead of the willow tree, I now have piles of wood, but Jim and Lorentz will move that when the snow is gone. Jim cut one tree trunk that looks like a chair, for me when I fish. Hope all that saw dust doesn’t kill my wildflowers at that spot.

Looks like another nice day. Have to go to town today and put money in the bank and drop off my tax junk, hope I’ve done it right. Rita will let me know.

Have a good birthday, best of health to all. I’m fine.

Much love,
Ma Green

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