Letter from Grandma Green: October 1968

Dear Pat and Al,

Now that I’ve gotten that long awaited letter off to Dona (I feel bad that it wasn’t sooner) I’ll answer yours.

You asked me for a list of birthdays and anniversaries. I’ll put that on a separate paper.

Did you get to read the letter we sent Ginny, I know sometimes she lets you. In it I wrote about what we planned to do with the farm. Don’t remember if I mentioned how many trees will be planted — there will be 5,000 white spruce.

Dad and Slim put a pump in the pump house, right now it’s a hand pump. Saturday, when we went there we took a 5 gallon thermos and filled that with. It’s good clear water, as you know we’ve been going to town to get water for making coffee but also for vegetables as it forms a rust color foam that clings to the food.

We’ve been going to several auctions up to Barron to an auction, I knew they had a copper boiler, and I’ve been looking for one. I bid on it and then there was this man, he was bidding too, just he and I. When it was up to $5.00 I asked Walt if I should keep going, he said if you really want it, well I wanted it. So kept on, cost me $7.00, it’s a real good one with a cover. I’m using it as a wood box, it just fits between the stove and sink. I shined it and it looks real nice. About a week later your Dad and Slim came home with another one, someone had a garage sale and three were several, so he bought one for $2.00. Will be using ti for the same thing, right now it is outside, with wood in it.

Last week at a garage sale we bought a carpet sweeper for $1.00, a large picture for $2.00, a sewing cabinet, $1.50, set of dishes (for the farm) for 25¢, a T.V. & stand for $3.00. The swivel stand is worth much more than that. We hooked up the T.V. it worked as far as voice, just could’t seem to bring in a picture. Dad wanted it for the farm. It’s sitting in the garage, really don’t know what he intends to do with it. Just another thing to fill up the garage, although we have taken some things to the trailer & farm for winter storage.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy doing some canning. Slim was bringing those zucchini squash over, some were so huge I would keep a small one for myself and gave the others to Fritz or Blonde Bomber. Then I bought a Family Circle and in it were some pickle recipes. One was for pickling zucchini. I fixed one and they’re real good. Tastes like a bread and butter pickle. So instead of giving up the three I had left to Fritz, I canned them. Canned strawberry jam two days ago, fixed one quart of tomatoes, also made a pot of chili yesterday. Now I have two pumpkins that I should cook and then freeze. This stuff is all given to us. We bought 5 pounds of onions from an elderly man, who has a vegetable stand. He stops in the Spot every day, when open, and with the onions he put in two eggplants, one cabbage, one rutabaga and at least 8 pounds of  tomatoes. And then some people Peoria brought up some tomatoes and gave them to Dad. Oh I also made chili sauce. Still have about 6 or 7 left to eat with our meals.

The neighbors are busy building that extra room on. Mr Lorentz had been working weekends but he took two weeks vacation and the weather has been just terrible. It’s been cold with rain and snow, just a couple of really nice days.

Today is October 16th, it’s raining now. Last night it was a mixture of snow. We stayed in last night, watched T.V. Dad read a while and I crocheted, but first I read the Sunday papers, and Elgin papers.

Your Dad got out a jigsaw puzzle with more than 1,000 pieces. (bought it at a sidewalk sale). You should see this house this morning, not having a card table, he put up the 4 T.V. tables and has sorted the pieces by color on each table and is trying to put it together. Then we have moved the refrigerator in the dining room, have our table up against the room divider. Papers on all the furniture, what a mess.

We moved the refrigerator with the intention of fixing the floor.

Friday, 17. 8:30 a.m.

Didn’t do a darn thing yesterday so this place looks the same. Went to town after the baseball game We had money on the game at 3 places, but didn’t win. Rexall has a 1¢ sale, started yesterday, so we took advantage of it. Did some grocery shopping then stopped at B&B.—– Walked over to Millie’s, it was around 5:30 when we left. Instead of going home we went to the Spot to eat. Naturally we were drinking. On the way home, your Dad turned off 53 and went over to Anchor Inn. So I started on beer and whisky at the Spot, then beer, I sure didn’t feel good. I did put things away and then lay on the bed. I woke up when Dad started getting ready for bowling about 9:00. I felt worse. Had good intentions to finish your letter last night.

Last week from the 6th and until this weekend the 14th the carpenters were on another drunk. Last Wednesday Dorothy had an accident on Main Street. She hit a car in front of Lutz’s drug store, then further up the street, crossed the street and hit a car, tree and broke a telephone pole. She didn’t get hurt.

After all those dreary days we finally have some sunshine. It’s not supposed to get very warm, maybe in the 40’s.

Have a birthday card to send to Geo. His birthday is Sunday. Phyllis’s invited us to surprise party for him. She had that Wednesday. Took all who came out for dinner.

Read in the Moose Events, Al, that you were lucky. Good deal. Also see that Chuck Greenwald joined now. I wonder if Jack will. He and Chuck used to be good friends.

Well, this is it this time. Next time I won’t take so long in writing again. You all take care of yourselves. Miss everyone.

Bye now, and with lots of love to all,
Mom and Dad

P. S. The fall colors are gone up here. Suppose you have them now.

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