BarCampDC Take 2

BarCampDC was exhilarating. I talked to very few people, but heard many.

I went to four sessions.

The first session discussed Play in education and it was concluded that kids in the US do mot get enough free play. Also that, although US test scores might be lower than European or  Asian counterparts, kids in the US are more creative and can solve problems.

Session two discussed how to create android applications.

The third session discussed how to use the telephone to be even more obnoxious than it already is.

The fourth was the most rewarding. The four of us talked about web accessibility. I met three people very invested in accessibility.

I think I annoyed Dean and Andrew when I got home because I was very talkative about my day. I guess the moral of the story is that I need to get out more.

2 thoughts on “BarCampDC Take 2

  1. I love that comment on the third session. And how can one NOT be talkative when one has learned how to create android applications? That type of knowledge needs to be shared! (I am very curious as to what an android application actually is?)


  2. Ha — my cell phone is one of those “google” phones which run on the android platform. It has apps like an iPhone does and that is what an android application is. I’m nowhere smart enough to create an app, but now I have a better appreciation for those that can make them.

    I forgot that I actually went to another session about Google Wave. (I have 8 invitations if anyone wants to try out Google Wave)


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