Daily Archives: November 15, 2009

The New New Number 2

I blogged about one of my favorite television programs back in January when the star of that program died. I’ve still not seen all of the episodes of The Prisoner, but have been watching them on amctv.com when I get a chance. I think I’m going to have to buy the series because each episode has so much in it — and they are not going to be on AMC forever. I watched The General last week and was surprised about what it had to say about education and knowledge.

AMC is providing us the opportunity to watch the old series for free because tonight, on AMC, the remake modern update starts, starring Ian McKellen as the the New Number 2. I have my doubts about this because I loved the old series so much, but I’m going to watch the first episode tonight. There was a segment about it on NPR yesterday morning — I heard it on the way to BarCampDC3 — and I see now, that NPR panned discussed it the day before.

So we’ll see how I like the new series. I expect I won’t, but Ian McKellen.

Be seeing you.

Here is a not really related video — but the band is thenewno2 (George Harrison’s son is the lead guitar player) and I kind of like this song.