Daily Archives: November 28, 2009

Closing Time

He was first introduced to me by Suzanne, a woman in my book group. She said I’d really like him and she told me a few stories about him. I wasn’t sure though. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust Suzanne’s judgment — I just wasn’t ready for him yet.

About a year after hearing about him from Suzanne, I ran into him on an airplane ride from DC to San Francisco and after that flight I couldn’t stop thinking about him, so when I returned home I looked him up and so began a new obsession.

At first I saw him several times a week, but after a while I cut that down to once a week, usually on Friday evenings. I anticipated his arrival for days, and basked in the warm memory of his visit all weekend, smiling often at something he did or said.

He was funny, but also very sad. He was smart – so very smart. Yes, he had is faults – he had a hard time accepting differences and don’t get me started on his tidiness. But he was lovable and, in his own way, kind.

About a year or so ago I noticed that the obsession had gotten out of hand: I saw him in other people.  I began to talk like him. I knew it had to end.

So, with a heavy heart I will no longer be seeing him after our next meeting – next Friday evening at 9:00 (8:00 Central). We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll remember old times. But I know it is for the best. I wouldn’t want it to grow old and boring. And I’ll always have the memories to look back on.

Goodbye Mr Monk. It was a great run and good clean fun.