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BarCampDC Take 2

BarCampDC was exhilarating. I talked to very few people, but heard many.

I went to four sessions.

The first session discussed Play in education and it was concluded that kids in the US do mot get enough free play. Also that, although US test scores might be lower than European or  Asian counterparts, kids in the US are more creative and can solve problems.

Session two discussed how to create android applications.

The third session discussed how to use the telephone to be even more obnoxious than it already is.

The fourth was the most rewarding. The four of us talked about web accessibility. I met three people very invested in accessibility.

I think I annoyed Dean and Andrew when I got home because I was very talkative about my day. I guess the moral of the story is that I need to get out more.


There have been times in my life when I’m somewhere and think, “oh my gosh. I’m here. How did this happen? Do I really want to be here?” Usually they turn out fine — and sometimes better than fine.

I suspect tomorrow will be one of those times. I’m going to a BarCamp event in DC. From what I understand it is an event where people go to learn from each other. People suggest topics and then groups of people brainstorm about them. Or something.

I’ve got a few worries about the day. First of all, it looks like the majority of BarCamp goers are young. Like really young. And smart. They all know much more than I do about anything I know anything about. And there will be A LOT of them. 441 according to the list of attendees. I recognize three names from the list of 441 attendees. And one of the three names is mine.

According to the directions, I’m to show up at 9:00 am and go to a basement. Then wait for an agenda to be made. Then go to sessions. PowerPoint is banned in order to make the sessions more interactive. Then eat lunch. Attend more sessions. Then go drink beer.

So, if I were several years younger, much brighter, not introverted, possibly male I might be really looking forward to this, instead of dreading it.

Oh wait! I see a session suggestion on accessibility. Ok, maybe this will be more fun than I thought!

Wish me luck.