I was dugg and stumbled didn’t know it

Thanks to a site I just learned about*, I was able to find out some information about dponline.org

The most surprising was the fact that a photograph I posted a couple of years ago was featured on digg and received 19 diggs.

A little less surprising was that the same photograph was featured on stumbleupon — and received 37 comments.

I expect my blog to start receiving more traffic in the next few weeks because of this photograph — we’re getting close to Pi Day again. Oh, the joys of blog stats.

If you’re curious about your website check out Quarkbase — you may be surprised by what you find.

*thanks to Mitch at Lunartics for the find

5 thoughts on “I was dugg and stumbled didn’t know it

  1. Oh Helen — actually it was not checking your site, but blogspot.com — which surprises me because they’re big. It does the same with wordpress.com sites. I think it only works with the main domain name.


  2. Clutch:

    Nice picture!

    I have a grand nephew (son of a daughter of my sister — would that be a grand nephew?) who is named Pythagoras. Pi for short. Not making this up. My sister about had a fit when they named him. Anyway, my brother-in-law started a tradition of celebrating “Pi” day on, you guessed, March 14, with pie. 🙂 Not Pi’s actual birthday, though. That would have been too perfect…


    Fiske’s last blog post..Harris’s Sparrow


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