Tidiness – a multiple choice quiz

I’m not a tidy person. I’ve never been tidy and I doubt I’ll ever by tidy. I married a very tidy person. He likes things in their places and gets grumpy if things are not where they belong. These two facts sometimes cause some issues. These issues are compounded by having teenagers who, by nature, are not all that tidy either. The tidy person has been away for over a week. He comes home today.

Guess what the three not tidy people are doing today.

Choose the best answer:

a. nothing — we are not tidy, remember?
b. running around frantically cleaning the house
c. hiding things in closets and drawers
d. cowering in the corner with the dust bunnies
e. none of the above

5 thoughts on “Tidiness – a multiple choice quiz

  1. You are so funny; I love reading your blog. I think it is B and that you are wishing is was F. I think the need for tidiness come from growing up in an untidy home. That is not an accusation, just an observation. If I had 6 kids and lived on a farm, I’m sure that tidiness would be low on my priority list too.


  2. Thanks Diane — (Diane is the tidy person’s sister — she’s tidy too)

    The answer was indeed B. I also made a yummy peach cobbler and lasagna for dinner. I’m wiped out.


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