Daily Archives: August 1, 2008

We interrupt this blog with a message from our stylist:

Doug needs our help again. Here’s his latest endeavor. Doug’s explanation from his email under video. Please consider voting for Doug. He’s not only a really talented singer-songwriter and hairstylist, he’s also an amazing person and wonderful friend.

Go here: http://www.doyoushadeseq.com/stories/voting/615/3v3/ and vote for Doug’s video. Unfortunately, you need to register — and I guess they expect only stylists to be voting, but I was able to register without giving a name of a salon.

Even if you don’t vote, check out the video. It’s fun and catchy.

I removed the video from this post because it played automatically, and as cute as the video is, it is annoying when a video / music auto plays on a web page.

Hello My Friends!

For those of you still following my escapades, here’s some good news… I’ve entered another national contest, this time with an original song and home made music video, and I’m in the final five.

The details… Salon Central is a Redken color salon. Every year Redken holds a contest to promote their Shades EQ line of color, a product I have happily worked with for many years. This year’s contest task was to make a short (1 minute or less) video (low tech “YouTube” style) telling your story of how Shades EQ has positively impacted your work and career. The title of the contest is “Do You Shades EQ?”. I wrote and recorded a song, using the contest name as the hook. Then I shot a video of myself lip-synching to the recording. Finally, I mixed the video with the recorded music and SHAZAAM, we’re in the finals! Redken has selected the 5 finalists, but it’s up to YOU to determine the winners (the top 2 videos). So many of you were such an enormous help in last year’s Chock-full-o’Nuts contest, this time will be MUCH simpler, I promise!! You can only vote ONCE, period, in this contest. The voting period is August 1-31.

The 2 winners will go to NYC in October to be featured in a photo for a national ad campaign that will run next January. But winner or not, this has been fun, and I think you will be very amused by my little video. You can view and vote at www.doyoushadeseq.com and, as always, great thanks and appreciation for your help, from myself and Salon Central!