Back to birding – maybe

I need to get back to birding. I mean really birding. Not just the incidental kind of birding I’ve been doing for nearly two decades.

I’ve not been on many real bird walks with real birders — once I went to Huntley Meadows with a bird group and that was educational. I’m over my reluctance to be around people who can identify birds faster than I can (I used to not allow myself to add a bird to my lists if I didn’t ID it myself). I think that being in the company of other birders would be good for me in a couple of ways. I’d certainly learn a lot more about birds than by learning on my own. Being in the company of like-minded people is always a good thing.

I’ve subscribed to a few birding weblogs and the adventures that people are having make me want to be out having adventures too, instead of reading about other people’s adventures.

I think I’ll look into joining a local birding group. I think Montgomery County has one.

1 thought on “Back to birding – maybe

  1. Good luck! It can be really fun to be with other birders. It can be really annoying, too, if they are too competitive.


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