Daily Archives: June 21, 2008

Eye-fi — Not ready yet

We were this close [imagine me holding up my thumb and forefinger about a centimeter apart] to buying an Eye-fi explore for our Ireland trip. It sounded ideal:

  1. It uploads photos from your digital camera to your photo site of choice
  2. It geo-tags the photos so you don’t have to do that

However, on further investigation, it is not “certified” (whatever that means) to work outside the US. And there are huge gaps in the areas that are already mapped.

It seems they are using a newish technology called Skyhook to map areas, and Skyhook is faulty. I downloaded their toolbar called Loki and clicked “find me”. It put me a mile or so away from where I actually am. Then when I chose to map my real location, I was asked to find my mac address. I’m too lazy to find my mac address. And, if I weren’t too lazy, what security / privacy issues would there be if I gave out that information?

I thought that Eye-fi used satellites like most other mapping devices. I’m very disappointed and won’t be spending $130 for a 2 GB card.