0 birds

No birds came to my feeders today. That is very odd. I usually get a woodpecker or two on the suet feeder and at least a tufted titmouse or chickadee on the tube feeder. Maybe it’s because I bunched them together so they’d be on the side of the house I can see. Or maybe they were holding up somewhere warm, since it was a sleeting kind of day.

The kids were home, so I was not completely lonely without the birds, but it just seemed strange that not one bird visited the feeder while I was at the computer.

1 thought on “0 birds

  1. It is odd when they seem to disappear. Rarely, I fill the feeders and they stay quite filled for a couple of days. Usually they are emptied pretty quickly.

    Today I tried to get them to feed from my hand before I put the feeders back out. No luck.


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