Exploding Pyrex

I wonder if Martha Stewart ever had a Pyrex dish shatter while she was attempting to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. I doubt it. I’d just put the two halves of a pumpkin in two Pyrex dishes and was dealing with the seeds when I heard an explosion in the oven. I thought it was one of the pumpkin halves, but it turned out to be the 9×13 dish in which it was cooking. Glass shards were everywhere and I had to toss out the pumpkin. I was worried that some of the glass got on the other half and didn’t want to risk anymore ER visits this week.

Of course I looked up “exploding pyrex” on the internet. Here is what I found: It happens, even though Pyrex folks don’t want us to use the word “explode” it happens.

Luckily I anticipated a mishap with the fresh pumpkin and bought some canned pumpkin.  The seeds turned out delicious though.

1 thought on “Exploding Pyrex

  1. I had a Pyrex dish explode in my (fortunately gloved) hand as I took it off the burner it had been sitting on that I had accidentally turned on in error. Little hot shards everywhere–some of them melted holes in my new vinyl flooring. Amazingly, I didn’t get cut or burned as I cleaned it all up.

    (In retrospect I realized I should have turned off the heat and let the thing cool in place, rather than lifting it into the cool air.)


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