38. The prize winner of Harpers Ferry WV (we hope)

Doug, my friend and hair stylist, has considered putting out a CD for years, but it never happened – the time was never right. He’s made gift CDs of his music for friends, relatives and his salon clients. I think he has a great voice – and important things to say.

Doug entered a jingle contest for Chock Full O’Nuts coffee about 6 weeks ago, just after he returned from his second trip to Thailand. He’d read The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio on the airplane and heard about the contest a few days later and considered it a sign. (Although he admits that writing jingles was never a dream of his in his youth).

Two weeks ago, his network of family, friends and friends-of-friends faithfully voted for him on the Chock Full O’Nuts website. He made the finals and this week we are voting again.

4 thoughts on “38. The prize winner of Harpers Ferry WV (we hope)

  1. Does Doug commute to DC to cut hair? Or do you go to Harpers Ferry?I’ve spent much, much time in HFWV. Mostly climbing up that little mountain. I miss it.He sounds really good. But I think the Brattleboro woman may give him a run.


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