David resting

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David is my brother-in-law. He’s been a farmer since he was a child, first helping his father as a dairy farmer, later as a corn and wheat farmer with his twin brothers. It won’t be long now, before the land he and his brothers farm outside Elgin, Illinois becomes million-dollar homes, fancy shops and expensive cafes. Though David is past retirement age, farming is all he knows. Soon there will be no cattle to feed, corn to plant or harvest, or hay and straw to bale. David’s days of taking a break near the barn are numbered.

10 thoughts on “David

  1. Wonderful photograph. I’ve never known a hard-worker like that, but that they are able to kick back and grab a few minutes nap like he is in the photo. And now they’re saying people who do so have a much less chance of heart attack.

    It’s sad to see ways of life change, and the times move out one group and let in another.

    I’m visiting from the photography carnival.


  2. A farm (with one of the most attractive barns I’ve ever seen) on the outskirts of Elgin has been razed to make way for a new and improved mega-hospital with an advanced trauma center. A peaceful way of life has been leveled to tend to those who have been ravaged by violence. Ironic.


  3. I wonder if the city planners see the irony.

    What is it with hospitals? We live a block from one that’s buying up houses in the neighborhood and eventually wants to pave over one of the streets in our neighborhood for parking.


  4. Great post and photo. It’s such a shame about the demise of the farm. This sort of thing happens in England all the time. I grew up in the country and find it really sad, everything getting built up everywhere. Unfortunately developers are greedy. They don’t care about people or their lives, only about how much money they can make.


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