Monthly Archives: January 2007

Still Playing Around

I’m not quite sure how I want this blog to look. I like this template, but not sure about what to put on the tabs.

At the moment I’ve been adding gerunds that sum up my activities. I guess Parenting, Cooking and Working are next. But what will I put on those pages? And will I eventually incorporate them into the blog?

That’s another thing – what should I call this tab? The default is “blog”. I changed it to “home” but am not sure that is what I want to call it. I wonder if I could think of a gerund for it – and for the about tab too. That would end up to be too cutsey. What does Clare call it? Oh yeah, corny.

Old Photographs

I’ve been (slowly) scanning old photographs from my mother and uploading them to flickr. Mom knows I’m doing this and when I first started doing it about two years ago, gave me the photographs. This time, however, I just took a large bagful. Some are of people and events that don’t mean anything to me, and they are not old enough for me to care about. But some tell a story.

Today I found a photograph of my mother when she was about the same age as my daughter.

Mom — Patricia Green, aged 16

The back of the photograph tells the whole story. She must have sent it to my father when he was in the Navy.

Back of photo of Mom

When my mom was 15 or 16 her mother or father suggested she write to a sailor whose brother-in-law they knew from the Moose. She did and I guess, fell in love pretty quickly. Well, who wouldn’t? Dad was a handsome and charming man. They wrote back and forth (mom still has her letters from Dad but he threw hers away) while he was overseas and met up when he was back on leave.

Dad’s Navy Photograph

They married when she was 18 and he was 26 – eight years difference between the two.

My daughter is 15 years old. If I knew she would meet a 25 year old next year and marry him in three years, I think I’d send her to a convent.

Old photographs are fun to look at. They usually bring happy memories. Too often, though, they are a huge time-sink.

Not another blog!

I’ve had this weblog for months – maybe even a year and all I have done with it is change the template. I spend most of my online time on Blogger where I have several blogs going at once.

I also have been spending some time on Vox, which is a sibling (or child?) of LiveJournal (where I have a journal or two).

The biggest reason I have not written anything here is because I don’t know what I want this blog to be. Cedar Waxwing has far too many nests around the Internet. She needs to find a real home and plant some roots.