Dona’s third grade report cards: Miss Meyer

First year

Until I realized how Miss Meyer’s decision to have me repeat third grade was to my great benefit I was ashamed of “flunking” third grade and never told anyone. Miss Meyer had a [probably much deserved] reputation as being mean and most of her students (and many parents) were afraid of her. She seemed to have a soft spot for me, however, and was nothing but kind to me. The only perk of being held back was being able to choose your teacher for the next year. I chose to have Miss Meyer again. She told my mother she was astonished since no one wanted to be in her class the first time ’round.

Unfortunately I learned of my fate from a classmate who overheard Miss Meyer talking to the principal about keeping me back. The next day, Patti Kimbro, a friend who lived on my street with whom I walked to and from school, told me she heard that I was flunking third grade. I ran home in tears and told my mom what she said and my mom verified it. I was supposed to be told by Miss Meyer along with my parents. At least this way I didn’t cry in front of Miss Meyer.

For someone who was in danger of failing third grade this report card doesn’t look too bad. Maybe there was communication between Miss Meyer and my parents in other ways.

It looks like my height and weight were moving slightly above the 5th percentile this year.

Second year

My second year with Miss Meyer was better — although not perfect. I was still “on grade level” and still needed improvement in some areas, but it seems that I was finishing my work on time. This year was the year I got glasses — so that might have been a factor.

I wish Miss Meyer had written more comments. This is the only writing I have from her. I was able to tell her how important she was to me when I did my teaching practice with Mrs. Gibboney. I think she was pleased, although she responded to my “I think about you all the time” with “No, you might think of me sometimes, but I don’t think it’s all of the time.”

My height and weight continued to be between the 5th and 10th percentiles this year.

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