Typed Note from Frances

I’ve written about Frances a lot here. She was our next-door neighbor when we moved to the DC area in 1985. She and I became fast friends, even though she was forty-seven years older than I when we first met. We only lived next door to each other for a year while we rented a house in Alexandria, but we continued our friendship after that.

She sent me this typed post card in 1990. I guess I sent her a couple of photos of her back yard. I’ll have to find them someday. She mentions physical therapy and insurance. I think that was due to an accident we were in a few months before that — we were rear ended at a stop light. The truck behind us thought we were turning right on red but I knew that intersection and didn’t turn right. The driver got out and screamed at me. Frances ended up with whiplash — which at 81 wasn’t a good thing to have.

June 10 Dear Dona, I’ve been trying to write this card to you ever since you sent me the photos…I love the one of you and Dean — and even like mine a lot….And it’s nice to have a good shot of my azaleas! Thanks…you are a fine photographer.

I’m glad your school is practically over and I can expect to see you sometime…Am also eager to know if you have any definite plans for next year.

I’ve had an awful lot to do lately…Finished my physical therapy about 2 weeks ago and am hoping I won’t have to fool with many more papers for the insurance co…Lots of other types of business to take care of also.

Call me! Love, Frances

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