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Thank You Card from Mr. Topolewski

In 1974 I was minding my own business in the fabric section of our local Ben Franklin where I worked. A tall man approached me and asked if I’d be willing to help him play a practical joke on his son for his son’s 18th birthday. Apparently just as he left the house to go shopping he called to his son and asked if there was anything he’d like his dad to pick up at Ben Franklin. The son allegedly replied, “Yeah, bring me a cute checkout girl.” After some internal debate (and checking in with my parents) I decided to go ahead and do it.

The plan was for me to wear my uniform to their house and have dinner with the family after being introduced as Dan’s birthday present. Then I’d stick around and attend a basketball game, then stay for a party at their house.

It turned out fine in retrospect — although I told my journal a different story — and I had a fun story to tell people throughout the years.

I appreciation, Mr. Topolewski gave me this card along with a necklace with a dove of hope.

Thanks a whole bunch!


Thanks for making my son’s 18th birthday one he’ll never forget.

You’re a good sport and have a great sense of humor.

Mr Topolelski

Sadly Mr. Topolewski passed away a couple of years after that. I blogged about him on my first 365 project.

Clare’s Opinion of her Mom

My mom is middle size. She used to have long hair but she cut it. It is brown just like mine and wiggly but she tries to make it straight. She has brown sparkly eyes. Sometimes she cooks waffle pancakes for me and they are my favorite. She works in a school and teaches students. When I go to her work I draw pictures and I go outside to play there. I appreciate that she makes my lunch every day. My favorite time with my mom is playing with her on the weekend. I love my mom very much. My mom is special to me because she helps me with my homework. Clare