Mom and Some Friends

On March 26, 1953 several of Mom’s friends gathered to celebrate Patti’s birthday. They would have been juniors in high school and about 17 years old. It looks like they had fun — I’m thinking they were playing charades in some of the photos.

Mom assured me that they were definately not smoking in the photos where they are holding cigarettes.

These next few were from Barbie’s birthday party in 1952. I’m not sure why Patti had no pants on and I don’t know why that woman is blindfolded and on the floor. Some vintage party game I suppose.

This last photo was in the same stack, but as it is Barbie and she’s not wearing a dark top in any of the other photos, I think it was just another day.

Oh wow! Now I can see that it is a double exposure! To Barbie’s left is my Aunt Ginny smiling at something. I don’t know the other person on the left.

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