My Letter to Kevin from Chetek

While other parents sent their kids to sleep-away camp, mine sent me to my grandparent’s house in Wisconsin. I think I got the better deal.

I would have been 15 and Kevin would have been around 9 when I wrote this.

June 18, 1972

Dear Kevin,

Hi, I told you I would write. How is my bed? I have to open my bed every day (night really). How are the gerbils? Did they have babies yet?

I have not caught any fish yet. Grandma caught four good ones one night and forgot to clean them so they died. Then she caught three that she cleaned right away. (ICK!) I am learning to fish, slowly but surely. It has been too cold to fish though.

Ginny and Jack are coming up today and Jack will be fishing most of the time I bet.

How are you and Billy getting along lately? Is he giving you trouble?

I saw a movie a couple of nights ago. It was called Toy Tiger. It was about a little boy who made up stories about his father (who he never had). Timmy said that his father was a great explorer. This big bully didn’t believe Timmie so he kept teasing him. Timmie found a guy and told the kids that he was his father. It all ended up happy.

We had spinach the other day and I put vinegar on it and ate it! (I nearly puked though)

You should have been up here last Monday. Four trees fell over/down by the dock. Grandma and I were sitting looking out of the window and all of a sudden we heard a loud crack (we thought it was thunder. Then Grandma looked out and said “Holy Cow, look at that, the tree was struck by lightning!” We all looked and a bunch of trees were lying down with the ground sticking up 3½ feet.

Kevin, will you mind if I write in cursive? I’m getting tired of writing like this.

I also wrote a letter to Chad — give it to him (go to his house) and have his mother read it to him. Does he wonder where I am? Or has he forgotten about me?

Oh — ask mom to send my white shorts with the buttons up with Uncle Dick or someone — even the Pasholks if they see you. O.K.?

Is it nice and warm in Elgin? It’s freezing up here. I can hardly get any tan.

I can’t think of anything else to write so I will write more later.

I will have to go pretty soon because we are going to eat. I will try to finish this page though. I will write later (next week or so).

Have you seen Cindy Jordon around? She isn’t in Maine. To be honest I wish I was home but I am having an okay time up here.

Do you sleep with Cinder? If so does she keep you awake? You will have to write and tell me all about everything. Are you taking swimming lessons? All I do is sit around — it’s kind of boring.

Well, I miss you and don’t forget to give Chad his letter. Maybe he will let you read it.

Love, as always,

Love to all!

PS Write!
PPS Okay?

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