Daily Archives: November 16, 2020

Flavia Weedn

I knew her only as Flavia, the woman who designed many of the cards I sent to people back when I still sent cards to people. In 1987 I bought an engagement calendar full of her work and her writing. Fifty-two drawings and fifty-two small poems. I came across it the other day.

When I wrote to people, especially on blank notecards, I often used one of Flavia’s little poems.

While I’ve outgrown the pastels of the artworks, I still like some of the sentiments…

Okay, I was wrong. I was unable to find one that I would send to someone. A little saccharine for the jaded person I have become.

Okay, I still like this one:

Two empty chairs at a small round table. Words at the top: Real friends are rare/We've shared tears, hopes and dreams, you and I/How lucky we are

What I am trying to say and not doing a very good job of it is that Flavia was a huge part of my letter writing life and I just wanted to put that out here.