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Found Items: Happy Birthday Dad

My mom must have kept all these letters and notes — typical. Here’s a note written sometime after we moved to Alexandria.

Dad --

I am really sorry for being so late in sending you a card. Believe me -- I had quite a case of the guilts -- especially after talking to you. I have no excuse except procrastination.

Dean and I went to Annapolis, MD and got you this shot glass (they didn't have any martini pitchers). Hope it got there in one piece.

Well, the stove is hooked up, the dishwasher and garbage disposal are ready for an electrician to get electricity to them. and I've used the washer already. We will probably wallpaper ("ooh ick" you say?) over the weekend, then paint. The kitchen will be done soon! We will send pictures.

How was your birthday dinner? And the "golden ball" afterward at the Moose? Hope it was fun.

We ordered cable tonight. Our antenna was trashed in the most recent snowfall.

I've also enclosed my most recent school photograph. I don't have a use for it. Feel free to lose it! I'm looking my age -- wrinkles and all!

Even though I am a grown up and married, I get so lonesome for you guys sometimes it hurts.


I don’t remember writing or sending this, but I remember the shot glass — it had a Naval theme. I remember working on the kitchen in our first house. We put in very late nights wallpapering, I remember that.