I need a new nickname (to hide from clients)

I tried to find a new name by anagraming my full name. I don’t think any of these work:

Lacerated Pinko
Pancaked Loiter
Pancaked Toiler
Anecdotal Piker
Cleopatra Inked
Antipodal Creek
Airplane Docket
Palatine Corked
Palatine Rocked
Parietal Conked
Partaken Docile
Partaken Coiled
Rational Pecked
Notarial Pecked
Kraal Deception
Percolated Akin
Carpeted Kaolin
Canopied Talker
Calked Atropine
Lacked Atropine
Cloaked Painter
Cloaked Repaint
Cloaked Pertain
Packed Relation
Packed Oriental
Padlock Trainee
Padlock Retinae
Kneecap Dilator
Percolate Kinda
Relocate Kidnap
Poetical Danker
Poetical Darken
Poetical Ranked
Procaine Talked
Certain Polkaed
Erotica Planked
Locate Kidnaper
Cilantro Peaked
Contrail Peaked
Optical Kneader
Topical Kneader
Capitol Kneader
Cloak Repainted
Cloak Pertained

My given and surname give me this:

Antacid Pork
Captain Dork
Radiant Pock
Adaptor Nick
Picador Tank
Caption Dark
Apricot Dank
Tack Poniard
Captor Kinda
Actor Kidnap

If I had to choose from these I’d either be Caption Dork or Cleopatra Inked

8 thoughts on “I need a new nickname (to hide from clients)

  1. OMG I love so many of these I would have difficulty choosing just one. But I think the first one is divine (Lacerated Pinko). Kneecap Dilator is a close second.


  2. I quite like Anecdotal Piker, though I don’t think it is you. (A “piker” in NZ slang is someone who stops when the going gets tough.)
    Cleopatra Inked is pretty great, actually.

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  3. I ended up going with my last name as my first name and my husband’s last name as my last name. This is for an online forum I use to get answers to questions about accessibility. A client also uses the forum and I didn’t want to be caught asking questions about their project. I think something I asked a few months ago was discussed among the client-folk and they based a requirement on the question (which was for a different client anyway)>


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