Old Writing: Part 27::The Lady or the Tiger? Conclusion

I remember writing this, but that’s about it. I think I’d heard the story of The Lady or the Tiger before, or perhaps not.

My last line, “it was best for all involved” is really harsh. If I were to write this today, of course the princess would indicate the door the maiden, her rival, was behind. Now that is the best for all involved. Good grief, who was I back then?

May 7, 1973

The Lady or the Tiger?

Which came out — the lady or the tiger?

Judging from the princess’ character, her savage jealousy and hate for the woman behind one of the doors, it would seem as though she would have the tiger come out of the door and devour her lover. It is an “if I can’t have him, no one shall” attitude.

Of course, her “savage” love for the youth may dent her jealousy a bit — but not enough to let him live and marry the maiden.

I don’t think I have a “savage” nature, but I know that I would be awfully jealous in the princess’ place.

The man who loved the princess may have wanted the tiger to come out. Since the story said only that “his eyes asked the question, ‘Which one?'” not “Which one will the maiden be in for me to live?” He may have felt miserable without the princess, a sort of “fate worse than death.”

So my conclusion is that the tiger leaped through the door that the princess indicated and pounced upon her lover and devoured him. It was best for all involved.

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