Old Writing: Part 24::On Growing Up

I remember writing this — it was after seeing the Disney documentary Beaver Valley. I also think I did a report on beavers and must have been fascinated that their parents kicked them out of the lodges after a certain age.

English 3-4
Period 4
May 2, 1973

On Growing Up

Now, when I look back, I had a great childhood. Of course, at the time I thought being a beaver kit was the worst thing in the world to be — so much to learn about building lodges and dams, caring for a family and such. I also thought, then, how wonderful it would be to be grown up — a two year old beaver — and be free. Free? If one is free, one can be anywhere, can’t one? I have been thrown out of my home. I must fend for myself now, build a new lodge somewhere — but far away from the family.

My sister — Cathy — had the good sense to leave before she was humiliated by being kicked out of her own home, by her own parents.

Well, enough feeling sorry for myself, I had better eat something so I have the strength to build my lodge. That looks like a tender tree over there.

Mmmm, it is tender — and sweet, and ……


Who is that? Oh, a beaver, probably wants to steal my tree.


Hey, it’s a girl! Gosh she’s cute, look at that tail, great shape.

“That looks like a tasty tree.”

“Want some? It is really very good — sweet, like you.”

Oh why did I have to say that? I’ve made her blush, now she will leave.

“Sure, thank you. Mmmm, it is good. Tender — like you.”

Oh, wow! I think I am in love.

“What is your name? Mine is Christopher Q. Williams. Q stands for Quincy.”

Now why did I have to go and tell her my middle name? She will laugh at me.

“I’m Marie G. Larson. The G’s for Gertrude.”

Hmm — she has a dumb middle name like me. Well, here goes, I will ask her for a date.

“Are you doing anything tonight? Do you want to help me build a lodge?”

The most she can do is refuse.

“I’m not doing anything, and I’d love to build a lodge with you.

She didn’t refuse!

“I’ll pick you up at seven, okay?”

“Oh, that’ll be fine.”

What a beautiful smile! Now I know I’m in love. I guess growing up isn’t so bad after all.




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