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Old Writing: Part 3::Untitled 1

This is the piece I thought was lost forever. Luckily for you, dear Internet, it was actually stapled behind some other writing from my youth. This was written on January 26, 1969. Please note, I still believe in fairies. This should probably be called “Fairyland”. Or something. As with the other old writings, spelling and grammar have been fixed. Also I fixed bits and pieces that made little or no sense in the draft.

I vividly remember writing it at the Formica table in my mother’s kitchen. On the table (or flitting around), watching me write, were Tinkerbell (the original Tinkerbell’s descendant) and Daisy, my brother’s fairy. Yes. I was a strange kid.

Untitled 1

There is a place where fairies and other super-beings live. A place where everything is beautiful and no mortals could go there only people who believe in fairyland with all their might could even dream about it.

Well Love, Hope Faith and Happiness were the rulers there (this was before they were turned into feelings by Fear, Hate and Sadness). I know you have felt love, hope, faith and happiness sometime in your life. They are wonderful feelings. Well, this wonderful place was called Fairyland. Past, Present and Future lived there. So did Joy. You know Tinkerbell from Peter Pan? She was born there.

Now I will tell you about the time when Fear, Hate and Sadness tried to overcome Fairyland. One day Hope was strolling through one of the many flower gardens in Fairyland and she saw an ugly creature before her. She was frightened but asked if he wanted anything. He said he needed help so Hope went and got him. When Help arrived he discovered that the ugly creature that Hope saw was gone. When they returned home they discovered that the ugly creature was holding her sisters prisoners. He said he was a messenger of Fear, Hate and Sadness and he came to let them through the gates of Fairyland and conquer it!

But Hope had hope and Faith and faith in Hope’s hope and Love loved their country and would not let anybody, either friend or foe, take over Fairyland. Happiness tried to cheer everyone else up and Help helped.

It ended up that Fairyland won by pure love, hope, faith and happiness for they are stronger than anything else in the world. Although they were turned into feelings by the wicked team Fear, Hate and Sadness, they still rule Fairyland and are cherished by everyone around the world.

And Help helps.


A tale of two images

Within the course of less than 12 hours I received two surprise images through the Internet.

The first one arrived via twitter and was an illustration to go along with a blog entry from a couple of days ago. The artist is an old Internet buddy I have followed since my Sidekick days. What a treat! I’ve added it to the Owl-Focals entry. Now I think I understand my story better.

Dona reading with her owl-focals. Image by Mike Popovic

The second was from a stranger via a comment on this blog:

Dad’s photo. Before and after it was Photoshopped.

Hi Dona…..I was searching Google for some old photos in need of restoration to hone my Photoshop skills. I came across the one of your father and thought it a perfect candidate. Not only was it in desperate shape, but he seemed to embody the mettle of a generation unlike we will ever see again.
Needless to say, I wanted to share the picture with you and yours. That generation is leaving us all too quickly and it was an honor for me to get this sailor ready for inspection. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I enjoyed restoring it.



It most certainly looks better. However, the Photoshopping took away the twinkle in Dad’s eye and the smart-ass grin that is just about ready to appear on his face. I know that look — he’s about to tell an off-color joke. When I remember my dad it’s the twinkle and the grin I remember most.


My oldest child turns 21 today. No longer a child (although she hates when I say that). Although I can remember life before her, I have a hard time remembering a time when I didn’t know her. She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s quirky (in a good way). She’s talented. She’s simply amazing. She’s my daughter. Happy 21st birthday, Clare.

Clare with Dionysus at Fruitlands
Clare with Dionysus (at Fruitlands)