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Old Writing: Part 1::A Day in the Life of Dona and her Owl-Focals

I found a few writing samples from my youth in the attic. Here is the first. Warning, it will leave you unfulfilled. Also I have left out the numerous spelling and grammatical error but I am not promising the punctuation is correct. Also this was written in 1969. Also J. K. Rowling does not have to worry.

A Day in the Life of Dona and her Owl-Focals

“Go and get the mail, Dona,” said Mother.

“Oh do I have to?” I asked, “I’m reading the best story I’ve ever read in my life!”

“Oh you always say that when I ask you to do something,” replied Mother.

“Yay! Yippie!”

“You scared me to death,” said Mother.

“I’m sorry but I forgot that my Owl-Focals are coming today.”

“Your what?” asked Mother.

“My Owl-Focals,” I replied. “I will show you when I get the mail.”

“I thought you didn’t want to get the mail,” said Mother, grinning.

So I went out and got the mail, showed them to Mother and couldn’t wait until that night.

When night finally rolled around, slowly but surely, I tried on my new glasses. They worked. So that night when I went to bed I read my book thoroughly. It was 1130 when I fell asleep that night and 8:00 when I woke the next morning. I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open all through school.

I learned my lesson and never used something good to do bad again.

/teacher’s note: I’m glad to see you using conversation/

Dona reading with her owl-focals. Image by Mike Popovic