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Old Writing: Part 2::A Rainstorm

The previous entry was stapled on top of this and the next few. For years I thought it was just the final copy of a series of drafts. Today I looked at the pages below it and found a few stories I thought were long gone. This was not one of them. I do not remember it. It is full of cliches. It was written on March 25, 1969. I was 12. Cleaned up for spelling. Please note that I do not feel the same about rain now. Or worms. Also not meteorologically correct.

A Rainstorm

The air was damp and musty moisture was hanging in the air. Then all of a sudden it started to rain. The rain beat against the windows and the wind howled around the house.

Even in the house one could smell that awful odor: a combination of mildew, wormy muddy smells that always come along with any kind of rain.

Now the rain was stopping a little. Not much but enough so that one could see out the big picture window. Ick! look at all of those worms oozing in and out of the wet, muddy ground.

The rain finally gave up and it stopped raining and making everybody grumpy. Fresh smelling air overcame the mildew, wormy muddy-smelling air and after most rainstorms (if the sun comes out) a rainbow could be seen in the western sky!