In Which Dona Admits to Loving Dozens of Men

In 1979 I spent a semester in London attending Southlands College and student teaching at a local primary school. The teacher with whom I did my teaching practice had a set of books in her classroom that I fell in love with and when I finished my student teaching, she gave me several titles in the collection. I’m pretty sure that I was the first person in Elgin to have copies of these books because they didn’t hit the States until a few years later. I remember being delighted yet dismayed to see the books being sold in a bookstore in Pittsburgh. Delighted because I could now easily purchase more of the books and dismayed because I was not unique in that respect any longer.

I used these books for lessons when I was a teacher because I loved the simple drawings, the life-lessons and the high vocabulary they offered. The books may have been small picture books, but when I did a readability evaluation on a few passages in several books found they were at the 5th grade reading level.

When my own children were old enough to care about books, I brought the books home and read to them from the books. We had fun laughing over the silly characters and the situations in which they found themselves.

The books are still in the house somewhere and while I’ve not seen them recently, thought about them the other day and made a mental note to blog about the set of books sometime soon.

Today when I saw the series of Google Doodles I knew that today was the day to write about Mr Men.

My favorite was Mr. Chatterbox and I never really liked the Little Miss books. They seemed more like an afterthought to me and not nearly as funny as the originals.

4 thoughts on “In Which Dona Admits to Loving Dozens of Men

  1. Re: Roehampton (which was not the point of your post – but I couldn’t help but notice…)
    During my time in London I worked for (and lived with, for part of the time) a family that lived ON Roehampton Lane!! I spent many a day walking Upper Richmond Road between Putney/Barnes/Roehampton and Wandsworth, etc. And after that, traveling back and forth between that area and East Acton.
    Small world!


    1. What a coincidence Angie! Southlands was moved from just across from Wimbledon Common on Queensmere Road to its current location several years after I was there as a student. I do remember Putney though. Just checked the map and see that the old Southlands location is now a gated community and closer to Roehampton than I thought.


  2. I read your post and then ordered some Mr. books from abebooks. They are a set of six with records! I can’t wait until they arrive. I remember these books fondly, too.


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