Found Items: #3 Mom’s Christmas Card for Her Mother

While going through the attic at my mom’s house last fall, we came across a Christmas card mom made for her mother. As you can tell, my mother missed her calling. She could have made greeting cards for a living. (actually she did make many greeting cards for family and friends when I was a kid)

My Mother! York, NY 46 (unless the 46 means 1946 and NY means New Year?)

The address is interesting, mostly because they lived in Elgin, Illinois. Not New York, NY. I love the drawing with the fashionable hairstyle.

1940's drawing
My grandma in 1946 as drawn by my mother.
She works and works in the kitcion like a slave. Sometimes I wonder if she didn’t once live in a cave She gits after us and gits after us Till she just desides to pick up after us

The drawings on this one are too good to miss so here they are in more detail:

Working in the kitchen like a slave.
Here she is working in the kitchen like a slave. Note her leg is shackled to something


Cave man
Here she’s being dragged by her hair when she lived in a cave
Running after the kids with a belt
Here she’s getting after the kids. With a belt.

I’m guessing mom was about 10 or 11 when she made this card (which would make 1946 reasonable) because all of her siblings are in the drawing. From left to right, (the kids) is Mom. Then Aunt Ginny, then Aunt Nancy, then Uncle Dick and finally Uncle Bud. In 1946, though, Aunt Ginny would have still been an infant and not running.

Here she’s given up and is picking up after the kids. It gives her a backache.
After all that she should think us all rats But I know my mother Beter than all others I know she loves us more in every way She loves us more every day

More details below:

Here she’s chasing the rats away with a flyswatter.
To my mother Because I love her May not miss my loving kiss on Christmas Day Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The loving kiss:

Here’s she’s rewarded with a loving kiss.
Vahish (?) P.0 Box

Sometimes I’m annoyed that Mom keeps everything — but often I’m pleased. This was a lot of fun to look at with mom and to share with you.

6 thoughts on “Found Items: #3 Mom’s Christmas Card for Her Mother

  1. Loved it and yes I know your Mom Pat was/is very talented in many ways. She always led the “entertainment” for the cousins at Auntie’s house as our folks played Pinochle. Lots of great times playing dress up, doing experiments, etc.

    PS – I think the last page she meant “finish”?!


  2. This is wonderful, Dona. I love all the detail! I think Judy may be right about “finish.” Thank you for sharing!


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