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10 Reasons I Didn’t Go to Wegman’s Today

In no particular order…

  1. I am hosting book group tomorrow* and in anticipation of the snow that was predicted to fall today I bought everything I needed in and around Bethesda yesterday.
  2. Because I was “out of the office” all day and evening yesterday I missed several emails about work I had waiting for me and I needed to get it done.
  3. I couldn’t sleep last night (reasons for this are starred)
  4. I finally fell asleep at 6 am and slept until 9 am (we were due to leave at 10)
  5. It snowed in Bethesda last night and words like treacherous roads made me not want to drive to Virginia
  6. I need to write a speech for Burns’ Night this Saturday.*
  7. I wanted to get a head start on cleaning the house for book group*
  8. I thought it might be my last snow day with Andrew
  9. It’s a busy week: 2 bookgroups, a coffee, Burns’ night, hair color/cut, wrestling meet (which I missed), a visit to the vet (I need to go back to pick up an antibiotic) and being an introvert I need alone time.
  10. I received bad news from Mississippi — my aunt had a stroke and discovered she has diabetes and my cousin is being shipped off to Iraq next week.*


Eighteen years ago today my obstetrician said I could get out of bed and stop taking Terbutaline.

Eighteen years ago today I got up, showered, dressed and drove to the obstetrician.

Eighteen years ago today the obstetrician said the baby could come at any time.

Eighteen years ago today I stopped at my favorite greeting card store to buy thank you cards.

Eighteen years ago today I felt the unmistakable onset of labor in the middle aisle of the above mentioned card store.

Eighteen years ago today I quickly paid for my purchases and drove home, occasionally wincing in pain.

Eighteen years ago today I called my friend, Frances, and casually mentioned I was in labor.

Eighteen years ago today I finally called my husband and told  him we were going to probably have a baby very soon.

Eighteen years ago today I packed a bag for the hospital.

Eighteen years ago today I made dinner, but didn’t eat much, if anything. My husband ate though.

Eighteen years ago today I called the neighbor who’d promised to take our daughter when I gave birth.

Eighteen years ago today we finally called the doctor, told her about the contractions. She said we should go to the hospital.

Eighteen years ago today I checked in to Alexandria Hospital.

Eighteen years ago today I wanted to watch Murphy Brown on TV instead of giving birth right then.

Eighteen years ago today the doctor showed up and grumpily delivered our son at 11:11 pm.

Happy Eighteenth Birthday, Andrew!

Addendum to Found #1

Last night (during one of my “I can’t sleep episodes) my phone made its “You’ve got mail” sounds. I picked it up and checked who’d emailed me at 2:00 in the morning and found it was the innkeeper of Rold Gammel Kro — the inn I thought my grandmother may have been born in. Here is what he wrote:

Thank you for  mail,—  Yes that my inn,- I have been innkeeper here at Rold gl. Kro for 17 years.  For me it is very interesting to hear about this story.


Bent Klit Christensen

kromand ( innkeeper )